Friday, 3 December 2010


Today I had a photo shoot with Tina, a girl from my university class, it was nothing too planed, just a quick hour or two photographing each other in the snow! I love her photos and she got some good ones of me hehe ( im awkward, un-photogenic and made to be BEHIND the camera, so shes a pretty amazing photographer to get half decent photos of me!!), I also got some nice ones of her, like these.. ( the one of me is taken by her obviously!)

Tomorrow I am in London with a friend, Melissa, and I'm shooting a lovely model named roar! Heres his photo below, I really think I can get some nice shots out of him, so I look forward to working with him! We're shooting in Trafalgar square, hopefully its not to busy (wishfull thinking considering its London at xmas time) and hopefully its not too cold (pfft!!) Photos from the day will hoepfully be up tomorrow evening!
Another post tomorrow

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