Sunday, 5 December 2010


was my photoshoot with model Roar Fagernes. We met in London, and it being christmas and a weekend, it was so packed! We took a few shots whilst waiting for Melissa to come along and help take some behind the scene photos.  

It was a fun day and I got some wonderful photos, of which I'll put below! I'm also starting to take a lot more behind the scene photos when I have an extra person on my shoot, that way you guys can kinda see how it works and all the stuff we bring :) 
I still have some more editing to do from this shoot but so far this image below has to be my favorite! I love the newspaper in the background and the cold look on his face! 

Over all we had a pretty fun day! Walking around the packed streets in search of something that may catch our eyes. Trafalgar square, covent garden and soho! There arent't too many places around there that are that great for photos but if you keep your eye out you might spot a window, or a door or just something that may look pretty damn cool!
Melissa was great helping take behind the scene photos and carrying out stuff occasionally when it was out of sight! Thanks Melissa :D And to end my blog with what I did for the rest of the day - Sean, my wonderful boyfriend - picked me up from the station, we cooked dinner (pizza yummm) I edited, he slept after a long days work - then we wrote as much of our essay as we possibly could and went to visit my family as my sister now has a pet snake! ITS SO CUTE. Its tinyyyyyy and it feels like silk. I want it!

I will finish of this blog post with a bunch of photos from yesterday. Enjoyyyyyy.

 More blog posts laterrr! 
- Jodie 

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