Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fog shoot.

Photoshop - before and after!
I have so much fun with photoshop!

I've said this before but I feel that with photoshop you can;
make a bad photo better..
make a good photo great..
make a great photo amazing..
and make an amazing photo perfect..


So here are a few of my own before and afters, from my fog shoot with model Aimie. Enjoy! 

This first photo is one that has never been uploaded anywhere before, but I really enjoy looking back through the un-edited photos from shoots, seeing if any jump out and catch my eye again, and this is one of them that did exactly that. I love how she is not centred :]

All I have edited here is softening of the skin, the skin tone I have lightened, I have messed around with different filters, creating a more warm effect, and then I've messed around a lot with the curves, trying to get a better, more striking image.

The second photo which is again, one I never edited first time round, yet it defnitely caught my eye the second time round.

I've edited more here than I have with the top photo. I've again, softened the skin, played around with the different photo filters and the curves. Additionally to this photo I have changed the colour balance and played around a lot with the levels.

I may do this more often - I think it's really interesting to see the difference photoshop can make!
More blog posts soon!


Saturday, 1 January 2011


More frequently asked questions for you all. 
Along with a few random ones people have asked me on formspring!
[[ Feel free to ask me any more at the link below ]]



I tend to use a tripod save putting the camera on something that isn't completly straight. I then use a handy remote control that links up with my camera - so when I push the button it focuses on me, as apposed to me spending ages trying to get the focus right manually! It's worth getting one (you can find them on amazon and such) they aren't expensive at all!

Just a steady hand I guess! 

I usually just bring my camera, and a 50mm lens, and that will be it. I never use a tripod because I feel they restrict you so much! Unless your shoot is at night time, or when it's dark - then a tripod can be handy. But yeah, apart from my camera and lens, I'll bring any props or anything I think may look good in the photo!

'' WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE TEA?'' - hahahha, random!!
I'd say my favorite tea is twinnings english breakfast - to be very precise ;) 

I get that a lot ;D aha, yay <3

literally, just a low aperature! The lower the aperature (f. stop) the 'blurrier' the background :]


More questions to come! 
It would also be great to know what kind of thing people would actually be interested in reading on here. Let me no in either the comments, or facebook/email/formspring!



Thursday, 30 December 2010

Bye bye 2010

When entering a new year I always get both nostalgic and excited, a mix of the both. I love looking back over the year and seeing how I have progressed as a person. January 2010 I was so shy, my photography was limited as I only used those that were around me as models, so it was the same old image pretty much. Yet now, December 2010, I feel i've really come out of my shell - I can meet up with people I've never met before - I can work well with a small team and I'm really just trying to suck it all up a hell of a lot more, because being shy and standing back behind the crowd isn't going to get me anywhere in life. 

2010 was an amazing year for me (well half a year) - from April (when I met my lovely sean) onwards, it really began to get exciting. Summer was so special to me, everyday me and sean would be out in the sun together... taking photos down at the lakes, going for a walk in the woods, shopping in ikea for our new house,  eating in random chinese food courts, going to the zoo, making a mini camp fire in the woods, baking cookies, staying over his and getting very drunk, parties, london london london, driving around in his car with sunnies and the music blaring - just everything about that summer was so amazing to me! Memories i will not be forgetting.

I always feel fresh when the new year comes round. I feel like it's a chance for me to get myself together, try harder and succeed better. I tend to make new years resolutions but never really stick to them. Although I feel I'm more dedicated and motivated now than I ever was before - so maybe I'll succeed better this year. But my main resolution is to work work and work on my photography. I want to get so much better than I am right now, I want to get my photos more well know, and I want to try some crazy fashion styled shoots. I have images in my head that I want to put into action - and in my head they look pretty damn cool - I'm hoping they will look how I visualise them in my mind - that way I'd feel more than content. 

Anyways, that is all really, I do this every year on when I have a blog - write a last little entry of the current year; I look back, and then I look forward. and I will keep on looking forward, because I'm so excited for life. I hope 2011 brings you all good memories, and remember, a photo captures and freezes those memories - everyone should have a camera! That is all for now - keep checking this space for more blog posts in the new year!
- Jodie 

Monday, 20 December 2010

..and everyday I wake, I tell myself a little harmless lie;

The whole wide world is mine.
Today my head hurts, but it's not a bad pain. It's the type of heavy pain that comforts me. Because I no I can hide under my duvet, lay down all day and dream, without needing an excuse. It feels so heavy it glues me to my pillow and holds me down when I try to get back up. I didn't mind today. Today was ok.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

So I went out the other day looking for an outfit for my night out - I had planned to not spend much, maybe go to primark or a charity store, but no - I ended up going into misselfridge instead - not a good idea for a student at christmas with pretty much no money and no job! Woops. I wanted a shirt, because I've wanted to pull of a loungy, casual kind of shirt with a bow tie for so long now (sounds weird but I just love the idea of a bow tie) but anyways. I found this gorgeous dress (which looked like a shirt and skirt together) but looked terrible on me, as I'm so small and it was long.

So I hunted around and put the two peices below together - and it looked great.

The Skirt is pretty simple - a high wasted skirt, yet it has pleats and I love it - it was also only £16 which i thought was pretty much a good bargain. The shirt was £32 aswell. Teamed them up with some casual black love heart tights, with some plain black heels and ta daaaaa. (image up tomorrow)


I seem to have abandoned this blog recently, which sucks. I love to write, and I love to blog. I love to talk about the things I love; and then it's here if anybody is even slightly interested. So the photo above is from yesterday when the snow decided to lay a thick (almost 4 inch) blanket outside my front door. I'm really not complaining - I love it! Me and sean went for a lovely bitter cold walk, wrapped up like snowmen, walking through our local woods, it felt like we were walking into a winter wonderland. Everything was covered in thick snow, it was beautifully breath- taking. I just wanted to put in my headphones, turn up the music as loud as it could go and dance around in my own little world. I would have stayed happy for hours. 

Everyone complains when it snows because everything seems to come to a stop and nobody knows what to do with themselves, but I really think people should embrace that everything pauses - us humans, and life itself are always on play, running and rushing.. I think it's great for everyone to just stop - and do nothing. Nothing but drink hot drinks, watch rubbish TV and talk with loved ones for hours on end, nice and warm infront of the fire place. Life rarely just stops. So when it does, people should stop fighting against it, moaning and getting frustrated, we should join in. Just stop, take a step back, and sit down. 
Watch life go by for a day.