Sunday, 19 December 2010

So I went out the other day looking for an outfit for my night out - I had planned to not spend much, maybe go to primark or a charity store, but no - I ended up going into misselfridge instead - not a good idea for a student at christmas with pretty much no money and no job! Woops. I wanted a shirt, because I've wanted to pull of a loungy, casual kind of shirt with a bow tie for so long now (sounds weird but I just love the idea of a bow tie) but anyways. I found this gorgeous dress (which looked like a shirt and skirt together) but looked terrible on me, as I'm so small and it was long.

So I hunted around and put the two peices below together - and it looked great.

The Skirt is pretty simple - a high wasted skirt, yet it has pleats and I love it - it was also only £16 which i thought was pretty much a good bargain. The shirt was £32 aswell. Teamed them up with some casual black love heart tights, with some plain black heels and ta daaaaa. (image up tomorrow)

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