Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fog shoot.

Photoshop - before and after!
I have so much fun with photoshop!

I've said this before but I feel that with photoshop you can;
make a bad photo better..
make a good photo great..
make a great photo amazing..
and make an amazing photo perfect..


So here are a few of my own before and afters, from my fog shoot with model Aimie. Enjoy! 

This first photo is one that has never been uploaded anywhere before, but I really enjoy looking back through the un-edited photos from shoots, seeing if any jump out and catch my eye again, and this is one of them that did exactly that. I love how she is not centred :]

All I have edited here is softening of the skin, the skin tone I have lightened, I have messed around with different filters, creating a more warm effect, and then I've messed around a lot with the curves, trying to get a better, more striking image.

The second photo which is again, one I never edited first time round, yet it defnitely caught my eye the second time round.

I've edited more here than I have with the top photo. I've again, softened the skin, played around with the different photo filters and the curves. Additionally to this photo I have changed the colour balance and played around a lot with the levels.

I may do this more often - I think it's really interesting to see the difference photoshop can make!
More blog posts soon!


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