Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I took photos of the lovely Charlotte Burgon @ Select model agency. I'm very happy with the photos I got! Big thanks to the makeup artist, Yasmin Brown, as well! We have another shoot thats in the process of being planned, and I'm SO excited about it! Hopefully will get some crazy awesome photos from it! The list of things I need for it is so strange! ANYWAYS here are some of the photos I took the other day of Charlotte :)
So for the rest of my day, I'm working on this stupid projects - 2 are potinless and I really don't want to do. But one I'm pleased with as you had to create the breif yourself. I like to be creative when (rare) opportunities like this arise at univeristy, and so i set myeslf the task of creating a arts and fashion magazine! And it's looking good. 

Right now, I'm off to the doctors become of some absurd pain in my stomach area. Grrr, I hate doctors, scares me so much :( anywaysssss. Offff to the doctors I go. :(

- Jodie

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